The cannabis industry has exploded in the past decade, from a taboo topic to a multi-billion dollar industry. As the legal cannabis industry continues to evolve, it is crucial to stay on top of industry trends and the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Tune into The Grass is Greener: Cannabis Law News, hosted by Husch Blackwell’s Cannabis Law team as they discuss the most pressing topics in the cannabis industry.

Episode 1 – The State of the Cannabis Industry: Where Do We Go from Here?

In the inaugural episode of The Grass is Greener: Cannabis Law News, Husch Blackwell Cannabis Group Co-Leaders Steve Levine and Marshall Custer discuss the state of the cannabis industry, including the current federal landscape and predictions for the future. The big money that we’ve been waiting for may be trickling in, but what will the exit moment look like for most operators?

Tune in and find out.